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 Posted: 07-18-2019 03:16 am
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I know that things are dicey when you are suspecting an oil pressure issue, but are you sure that it isn't an engine running issue (fuel or ignition) causing the engine to begin to stall out/idle low, and hence the drop in oil pressure?

Let's say your oil pump does have an issue---if this were the case, the engine would likely continue to run happily as the oil pressure dropped, at least until the point that it seizes up! You may have an oil pressure issue, but I don't see a failing oil pump suddenly showing itself when hot and causing stalling/lack of power issues.

Get yourself a cheap infrared temp gun to mointor engine temperatures and check if the engine is actually overheating, or if you are having an electrical/ground issue that is causing false coolant temp readings (stock J-H oil pressure gauge is mechanical, though).