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 Posted: 07-14-2019 02:35 pm
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Dear GT owners

I am trying to track down an original jack and wheelbrace for my GT. The GT parts book picture page showing the jack is exactly the same as the corresponding page in the J-H parts book. However the parts numbers are different, as follows:

Wheelbrace 99236 (GT) 90528 (J-H)
Jack 99234 (GT) 90564 (J-H)

The GT and J-H jack descriptions are also different - "jack c/w tee handle" for the GT and "scissor jack and handle" for the J-H.

A few years back I asked Jason Lawrence at Rejen about the GT jack, and he described a jack with a long 2-piece handle with a wooden cross-piece. I suspect he might have been describing the Metallifacture jack supplied with Morgan 4 Series cars in the 1960s, as in the attachment and at this very useful link ( ... acks_2.htm).

Do any of you fellow GT owners have an original factory jack and wheelbrace and, if so, can you please post a few pictures?

Many thanks in advance.

Best wishes,

Attachment: 1960s Morgan 4 series metallifacture jack.jpg (Downloaded 69 times)