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 Posted: 06-25-2019 04:42 pm
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The prior owner installed the dells. He thought they may have been off an Alfa. according to him, the car had some cam work 104 and 107, higher compression pistons on a rebuild of 8,000 miles ago. The car runs OK, but I always thought there should be more grunt.also a common theme on a hot engine is popping upon letting up on the accelerator, regardless of jetting.. Never happens when engine is cold. I saw your very comprehensive postings about jetting and all the recommendations which was insightful.. I played lot with jetting but no real improvement on popping and power.
Upon looking further I discovered my 40s have size 30 chokes. so maybe that is part of the problem.. The JHPS site set up I believe calls for 34s which I have on order. My mechanic is suggesting buying some 45mm Dells especially after seeing this less than smooth bore transition between the carb and manifold. there is a site in Italy that takes 40s and bores them out to 45s.. Any thoughts on that option? I live at an elevation of 5200 if that makes a difference.