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 Posted: 06-25-2019 02:54 pm
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sscheffel wrote:
or do I have a manifold for 45 mm Dells?Sorry, I read faster than I comprehended. I was busy writing my reply, glaced at your message to see what size Dellortos you have, and just saw "45 Dells".

Which gets us back to... I don't know the specifics of the manifold used on the J-H 907. Was it just the Lotus manifold (still two years away when the J-H came out), or was it a bespoke J-H manifold for 40 Dellortos? Perhaps a UK/ Euro/ ROW owner of a J-H with Dellortos can report a part number that is cast into the J-H manifold, and hopefully measure the bore.

A manifold with any Lotus part number only came in one size, and Lotus used them with 45mm Dellortos.

Is your original question just a point of curiosity, or is the engine running poorly in a way that makes you suspect the manifold might be a contributor to the problem?


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