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 Posted: 06-19-2019 05:32 am
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What type of ignition system do you have? Stock breaker points, an early electrronic ignition that uses magnets (Pertronix Ignitor) or a light beam (Lumenition)? Or a more modern system that uses a Hall Effect sensor (Pertronix Ignitor II or III)? With points, magnets and a light beam, you can static time the distributor prior to starting the engine. With a Hall Effect sensor, you can NOT static time it, the engine has to be cranking at some minimum rpm before the system works. So, before I go off on some set of instructions, what are we trying to time?

One thing for you to start getting your head around now is that the distributor is spring loaded outward. If you simply loosen the distributor clamp, the distributor will pop out of the oil pump housing. Then we'll be having another conversation about how to re-install the distributor.

Place your left hand on the end of the distributor cap and apply inward pressure. Loosen the clamp and make whatever adjustments are necessary, all the while maintainiing inward pressure. Do NOT release that inward pressure until after the distributor clamp is tightened again. Re-read that until it's firmly stuck in your head.

Tim Engel