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 Posted: 10-13-2005 04:29 pm
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Ed Dias


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I saw my first JH in a used car lot in Santa Barbara, CA in the summer of 1975. It was a beautiful mustard 73 model and I bought it on the spot.  Keep in mind that, in those days, living on the beach, being young and single and driving an exotic sports car was very fruitful. I loved fast cars and fast women. Unfortunately, I totaled that great little car within one year.

After a full recovery and a couple of years growing up, I had the urge to own another JH. A friend of mine knew a young lady that was trying to sell her JH, so I called to make an appointment to see and drive the car. It was a black 74 with metal bumpers and was in real good shape. When she told me what she wanted for the car I was less impressed. I was, however, very impressed with her.

Fast forward 21 years and two children and I still have that car and the girl. So you see, I could never drive another sports car.

Oh, you may be curious as to what she wanted for the car. That's simple, I COST ME THE REST OF MY LIFE.

Ed Dias