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 Posted: 10-13-2005 01:09 pm
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Pontiac??? Sports car??? Compared to a JH?

Feh! Philistines...

Some people just will never "get" the idea of classic cars. I've had the bug since I've been a kid. I saw my first JH when I was about 10 and immediately decided I wanted one - despite all the negative press I turned up on it in my enamored youth. It just added zest to the mix. So that's really as simple as it gets - I've always wanted one.

I also have a drive to own vehicles that are outside of the norm. The JH certainly meets that criteria since even the folks at my vintage racing club have been stumped by what kind of car it is.

But now that I have a JH, the things I didn't know about it make it that much more wonderful. For instance, I figured a 2 liter 4 cylinder is a 2 liter 4 cylinder...however, the Lotus 907 completely destroys the Alfa Romeo 2 liter I have. Its a night and day difference in performance. Granted, the Alfa is a much more refined car, IMHO, and ten years newer. But that just adds to the mystique of owning a classic British car - and likewise, is much of the allure of a classic Italian car as well. I recently test drove a Miata out of curiosity and found the experience quite dull by comparison to either my Jensen or Alfa. The passion just wasn't there.

Face it, you'll never be able to really explain to anyone who thinks a Pontiac is a great sports car why you want to drive a 30 year old British car that probably leaks when it rains, likely requires constant TLC and (gasp!) doesn't have AC.

But we understand. I say leave the Pontiacs to the philistines - it leaves more JH's for us!