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 Posted: 05-18-2019 07:55 pm
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Hey guys, trying to resurrect #12265 after 10 years of hiding in the garage. Had to rebuild fuel tank and repair a few pinholes. New fuel pump and 2 fuel filters, 1 at tank and 1 at carbs. Once that was good, I put about a gallon of gas in and got her to fire. After a bit of tinkering and adjusting, it would run without assistance until I shut it off each time for about a week.

As of yesterday, the gallon of fuel was used up. It actually ran dry. I put 5 gallons in. Car then wouldn't start. In the interim, I replaced a few vacuum lines around the carbs.

Still won't start. It turns over then fires right away, but will only run for about 1 second. No choke or gas petal manipulation makes any difference. I can see linkages moving when I pump and pull them.

I pulled each plug and they are getting fuel. I pulled the central fuel line into the carbs and let the pump flow into a jug. It's got plenty of flow. I didn't check pressure, but can.

I also installed a new speedometer cable in the interim. I had to pull the dash part way out to do it. I don't think I knocked any wires loose while in there but who knows.

Is there a wire behind the dash that can cause this?

Maybe both carbs clogged due to running out of gas?

Anyone have any great wisdom they can bring to bear? I'm scratching my head!

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