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 Posted: 10-13-2005 09:46 am
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that is why i bought my blue JH!

a friend of mine has a red JH and we used to drive to University twice a week with it. Pulling up from a dead stop with his recon 2.2L engine was just a blast and he used to say "100KM/hr" out loud when we got there in just a few seconds whilst the engine was roaring.... it just puts a huge smile on your face, i can't hide!!

We drive through tunnels and take her up to 4000rpm when the roar starts to become overwhelming ;-) boys will be boys

cherry on the cake for me is the fact that in Holland for this car i don't pay road tax! Considering i have put in all new shocks/springs/bushings/ball joints/engine etc for a price i can't buy a new Mazda for... my JH is basically a new car and still no road tax

i can pretty much maintain it myself and saves a lot of money too and it is oooooh so much more fun to drive than anything i have driven and with my engine i will be able to keep up with cars that you cost at least 40.000 euro or much more!!

happy motoring guys and girls