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 Posted: 05-05-2019 03:24 pm
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Interesting choice:
For regular street use, one would prefer the Lockheed since they are self adjusting, unlike the Girling; however, for road racing the Girling was preferred since they could be adjusted so there is no drag from the shoes on the drum(Formula "V" racers do this since they are horsepower challenged).
But, the Lockheed were actually put on incorrectly(the position they are in for bleeding still has some air in it).
In 1996 at the Jensen national at the CAL/NEVA Lodge, there was someone with a nice prepared race car(don't remember his name; he was from Oregon or Washington)who had noticed this and had talked with someone from the old factory about it. Apparently, Jensen somehow got the drawings backward and the left plate should have been on the right & vise-versa(check it out with yours).
Maybe upgrade with some of the recent articles here?