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 Posted: 12-20-2018 05:35 pm
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It just pulls out to replace the O ring correct?

Unfortunately (and hopefully) not. If it has not been broken, then there are internal hook-shaped plastic prongs that hold the plug in. So to replace the o-ring without breaking the hooks you have to remove the whole carb bottom and push the bottom plug out while pressing the hooks inward. I think the approved method is to use a tube to press the hooks inward. What I have done is to press the hooks inward one at a time with pliers or a screwdriver while slowly working the plug out. This has to be done with with care because when the plugs get old, as yours look to be, the plastic gets brittle and breaks easily. From what I have heard the o-ring will hold the plug in if the hooks are broken off but I would not trust it.

If you do one carb, I would recommend doing both. Even if the front one is not leaking yet the o-ring is probably just as old and will start leaking before long.

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