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 Posted: 12-19-2018 06:50 am
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Tom Bradley


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If the carbs are leaking, they probably need some work, if only new gas inlet valves. Running rich could be caused by the Mr Gasket fuel pump, but it should not cause leakage. The pressure on the one I had was only slightly high: 3-4 PSI. But I never really liked it and finally replaced it with a Facet (from Amazon, I don't trust anything from Delta anymore) which runs at 2-2.5 PSI so doesn't need a regulator. This is the type of pump I have always had on the car and never had any problems.

If you send your carbs out for rebuilding I would suggest apple hydraulics: I had a pair rebuilt there years ago that worked well. But the ones I recently sent out to Joe Curto took forever to get back and had issues I had to solve for myself.