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 Posted: 10-12-2005 02:11 am
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John Finch


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Hello fellow JH owners. I aquired 1111-18309 mfg Oct 8th 1974 about 4 months ago. Just got it started on Sunday and it roars. Unable to drive yet as I am missing throttle linkage for the Dellorto upgrade. In 1974 in Great Falls Montana my wife and I saw a JH for sale for about 6k. That was about what I was earning annually. No sale! But got a Saab Sonnett III. Had fun but then had kids. Fast forward to this spring. I was thinking of a motor cycle. She said you'll kill yourself. I thought shes making sense.  Went on line and found a JH on the JHPS site from Phoenix. No rust but sitting for the past 15 years. You guys know the drill from here. I did all the rubber etc, etc, etc, and  found a local Lotus club with a Lotus 907 guru willing to help. 40 hours of his time later it fired up with a roar. Can't wait to get the linkage and get it on the road before the snow flies and it gets parked until next spring. It idled for over two hours today and never got above 170 degrees. Rodded orig radiator, 74 deg thermostadt, radiator shroud, rebuilt water pump and 65 degree outside temp. Needle stays in the center of C-H. Anyway I feel the addiction you guys do with this little beast of a 4 banger. Safe and reliable travels to all. John