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 Posted: 12-18-2018 03:34 pm
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I'm not sure what you consider "rich"
but understand that President Trump has signed an
Executive Order that extends the use of E15
(15% ethanol)from just in the winter months to year round.
The original theory was that it was restricted
from use from June until September because they thought
that it added to smog concerns, which seems
counter intuitive to this non expert because it is
an oxygenate to reduce emissions. Anyway be
aware if you start seeing it at the pumps. E10 is
bad for our old cars and engines and E15 is even
worse. If you are forced to use it and you are using
a gasoline additive such as Driven Gasoline
Defender it will continue to give you the same
protection in the original recommended dose.
What you do need to take into consideration
is that it will cause your engine to run leaner and
you may need to richen the carbs. Once again, E10
gives a leaner burn than non ethanol gas and E15
is even more lean. Just a word of warning.

Some say there's no "improvement" switching to
Weber or Dellorto carbs unless you've upgraded
during engine rebuild (crank, cams, larger pistons, etc.)
and could actually lose performance by the costly swap
without those upgrades. I'd wait for others to chime
in on this and simply rebuild your Strombergs for now.