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 Posted: 12-18-2018 03:03 pm
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If I am not mistaken, that fuel pump, and others of similar make, are supposed to be used with a fuel pressure regulator, You can buy one at most car part stores for about 20 to 25 dollars and you set it at 2.5 pounds. If this does not fix the excess fuel going into the carbs and making it run rich, then the carburetors may be set a bit rich. Look in your manual and see how to set the carbs a bit leaner. Also check for any air leaks in all the hoses connected to the manifold and carburetors. I am of the old school of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" so if the carbs are working ok and not leaking any gas off the bottom of the bowls (an easy fix) and all seems ok, then maybe it is only the needle settings..
Let us know your progress..