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 Posted: 10-12-2005 12:25 am
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Jim Sohl


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Roughly in order, I've had: an Opel GT (too slow); a '69 Fiat 124 spider (fun in the sun, fell apart); a 73 Fiat 124 spider (fun in the sun, not well suited to racing, fell apart); '73 240Z (after the twin cam Fiats, the Nissan L-head just didn't make it). So I set out to find a 'real' sports car (that was cheap). 'Figured I'd buy a restoreable condition Europa, Elan Sprint, Fiat Dino or J-H, just whichever turned up first at a price I could afford. That effort became sn 11210 in 1981. These many years later, the only one of the group that is fast, relatively inexpensive to keep up, and well suited as a daily driver and weekend warrior is, you guessed it, the J-H.