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 Posted: 12-10-2018 07:31 am
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As I remember, the heater valve worked off engine vacuum. So you would operate a lever on the center counsel which would open a local air valve which allowed the engine vacuum hose connected to the heater valve in the engine compartment to open the heater valve. The only thing more confusing then the above description is the design concept itself. IMO, it equaled the plastic fuel "T" in brilliance. It was a source of undetectable vacuum leaks which could cause rough engine idling. I replaced mine with a lever operated heater valve from a Volkswagen. I do have to go under the hood to turn it on and off. Off in summer, on in winter. Remember, it is the heater fan that blows the hot air but that is still controlled from the center counsel switch. My serial number is 17303. Also, I second Tom Bradley's suggestion to test and clean the heater first. Take care and good luck.