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 Posted: 10-11-2005 05:02 pm
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Mark Rosenbaum

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A few points come to mind:

1.  Since the end of World War II, not once has a major US auto manufacturer been able to come close to producing a proper sports car.  At best, they've created a few sporty designs.

2.  My JH cost me less than US$7K including purchase price, floor replacement, and catching up on decades of deferred maintenance.  I am personally acquainted with many of its parts, and have a very good idea of the condition of all the remaining ones.  When I lift the hood, I can see the engine without having to remove a score of ducts and a half-dozen plastic covers.  I can diagnose and repair almost anything that might go wrong with a bit of logic, inexpensive test equipment, and simple hand tools.  How much does that Pontiac Whatsis sell for?  How long is its warranty?  And what's the hourly labor rate at the dealership?

3.  A sports car must be agile.  Heavy cars are almost invariably less agile than light ones.  The JH weighs about 2200 pounds.  I have no idea what a Whatsis weighs but doubtless it's at least a half-ton heavier.

4.  In the JH, I don't have to worry about an air bag going off accidentally and killing one of my grandkids.

5.  In large parking lots, I know which car is mine, without ever having to glance at the license plate.

6.  The JH engine is derived from a real racing engine whose heritage is everywhere apparent.

7.  A stock JH readily manages 70 hp per liter of engine displacement.  When I was growing up, that sort of power was considered not merely high performance, but exotic

8.  The local boy racers can see that a JH has a level of elegance and style that their mobile boom boxes can never aspire to.  This reduces their general smugness, which is a Good Thing.  A few of the wisest might be prompted to bestir themselves, discover real sports cars, and thus achieve enlightenment.

9.  I can pick up loose change on the roadway without strain, by merely opening the door and reaching out for it.  This does help somewhat with out-of-pocket expenses.

10.  Women riding on Harleys seem to think the JH is cute (certainly it's not me they smile at!).  This may be of particular utility to younger, single, male, owners.