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 Posted: 10-11-2005 01:09 pm
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I get the above question quite a bit.  I got the above question just yesterday from workers in the office. Why would I settle for something 30 years old, which needs fixing, when I could of bought a NEW Pontiac Soltice ( Spelling ?) which is faster, has airconditioning and has a lot more creature comforts than an old JH. My answer is usually the same.

1) I always wanted a JH when I was much younger... but Couldn't afford it.

2) I love old british cars.... it has heritage.

3) The engine is a work of art..... and doesn't look like a Big Plastic battery cover

4) The word airconditioning and " Sports car" does not mix well  with me.

5) The JH is FUN..... Just drive it. 

OK.... Those are my reasons...... Just for fun I'd like to Poll the group to see what your reasons for owning a JH when you could have owned s "new or Modern sports car..... Any bites?