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 Posted: 08-14-2018 02:24 am
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I got the car back on the roads quite some time ago. To ensue tht it passed smog, I took it to John Haines shop, the Brittish Connection. He wold pre-test it, tune it to pass smog, and return it to me running better than ever. I still had to replace the cats every couple of years because they keep getting crushed by speed bumps and steep driveways. The original cats were flat, but those are long out of production.

However, I did find another way to get my car to pass smog. I moved from Long Beach to Paso Robles. My car is now officially at my brother's house in Eureka which is in Humboldt county. Humboldt county only requires a smog test when transferring title, thus my car no longer needs testing.