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 Posted: 08-12-2018 06:13 pm
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I realize I'm responding to a thread that's six years old, however CA smog testing is the gift that keeps on giving, so by my calculation you either just got your test or you're just about too. BTW, I also live in Long Beach too.
While my '74 J-H is now smog exempt I do have a '79 TR-7 with almost the same Zenith set up so I'm familiar with getting these things through smog testing.
I'm surprised you weren't able to pass without having to swap your cat converter. It seems like you'll have to swap your cat every two years.
I've always been able to pass by leaning the carbs just prior to test. The Zeniths have an adjustment range of around 3&3/4 to 4 turns, I normally run about 2&1/2 turns from lean I usually take them down to about 1&1/2 turns for the test, that normally does it.