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 Posted: 10-03-2005 04:58 am
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Update. Thanks for all the comments guys.

I was being a bit flippant about not knowing all the wires on the coil. I actually have a pretty good idea of what they are all for :-).

I too called Pertronix. Ballast resistor not necessary for any of their coils.

I replaced the distributor with a brand used one from British Masters. I had gotten all four cylinders firing - but when the oil pressure built up - the dist popped out!! The broken rim wasn't enough to hold it in place - especially with the crappy clamp I had. So, I replaced it and now she's running on all 4.

Coupla things:

Before I do anything I'm going to replace the tach wire so I'm getting enough juice.

The original pulley with the timing marks is not on the car. The new and improved pulley has a 'scratch' on it to indicate timing. At TDC *1 the scratch did line up at 0 on the gauge.

When timing the engine - at 10 deg advanced the motor will barely run. In order to get it to idle I have to advance the timing to 30+ degrees. I'm guessing that I'm moving to the next plug instead of the one I thought was number one. Anyone agree w/ me? I'm thinking I'll move all the wires one plug forward and see if that takes care if it.

She's not running right - lousy acceleration from about 1500-3000 rpms. But at least she's running and I drove her today! She idles pretty well - that's a first since I bought the car. Also, there are carb troubles b/c the front carb seems to throw out some atomized fuel when I rev her up - and the rear one doesn't. I'm closer to getting the ignition gremlins tossed out. Thanks to all for the comments.