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 Posted: 09-30-2005 01:08 am
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Ron Earp

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Hi Frank,

It turned out pretty good I think, thanks for the congrats.  We got it done, basically ready for the first track outing, only to find some head work I thought was done six months ago was not done - it was done wrong.  Thus, we've got a motor that won't seal valves for some reason, not sure why. It isn't the valve adjustment since if you remove the cams completely the valves still leak, so, they are being held open.  Guides could be too tight and screwed up, seats could be messed up. Not sure which.

Anyhow, I've been working on other race cars lately and had to shelve the JH for a bit.

Those mirrors are simple $5 mirrors you can get anyhwere. They are mounted using a screw that holds the window frame together on each side. If you have windsheild trim you wouldn't see the screws, but I don't so they are easily accessible.


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