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 Posted: 03-07-2018 06:01 pm
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Going to cherry pick your stats for my answer, Tim:
Esprit2 wrote:
J-H First Gear Overall Ratios (1st gear ratio times final drive ratio = overall ratio)
First ––– Top Gear
11.63 –– 3.45 = J-H 5-spd car, stock 3.45:1 final drive
11.64 –– 3.73 = J-H 4-spd car, stock 3.73:1 final drive

If I'm reading your math right, there is very little difference in first gear between 4-speed/3.73 (11.64) and 5-speed/3.45 (11.63). What would the ratio be for first gear for a combo of 4-speed/3.45? That was where I was going. Would it be similar to second gear in a 5-speed/3.45?

Not that I'm planning on doing this, I was just wondering.

EDIT: I read your reply again and see that you did reference the combination I asked about: I know enough Minnesotans to know what "ufdah" means. So, it's working pretty hard to start out in first with that combination.

By the way: planning on bringing the Jensen this year to the Intermarque Spring Kickoff: hope to see you there.

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