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 Posted: 03-05-2018 05:16 pm
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the trunk lock "springing" up implies that the spring steel on the inside of the trunk has come out of its slot on one side. There are only 5 pins/tumblers for the lock(as well as the doors and glove box; the ignition has 9 pins)so someone elses key may work. If not, you will need to drill straight through the center to "destroy" the pins and hopefully not the trunk lid.
Here's a remark I posted in July, 2016:
Does anyone know a source of that dadgummed spring fitting that goes around the trunk lock mechanism and has two barbs that when the lock is pushed into place, they snap out and hold the lock in place...

Frank; just read this; have quite a few; I grind the sharp tips down a bit so it "slides" in easier but still holds the lock down nicely, using vaseline or grease to make assembly easier. The tough part with installing the lock is the "return" spring. I use a wooden clamp and some wood to hold down the lock while I attempt(very "testy") to get that return spring in the proper holes while having the bolt handy for tightening down. Smaller fingers and better eyes might be useful here. You may want to put a removable rag into the space first as losing that return spring down one of the trunk channels is likely.
take care, bruce

I have plenty of used locks, etc. if yours can't be worked out.