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 Posted: 02-22-2018 04:43 am
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Well. Ms. Jenavieve has a Lucas 25D distributor once again, with Pertronix II. But not without a few foibles along the way.

I went down to the clubhouse last night all ready to install the rebuilt distributor. Got there, organized a few things, and went to "test fit" the distributor, and realized... crap. The ignition wires were still attached to the Pertronix distributor that I removed back when this started. That would be ok, except that said distributor was on my workbench at home, 30 miles away. Again, crap.

So, I think "well, I can at least get it bolted in and if I really want to try finishing it up I could run to the O'Reillys a few miles up the road and pick up some wires". Right? Ok, let's do that. So I go back to the test fit and realized.... once again, crap. The mounting bracket for the distributor is ALSO attached to the Pertronix distributor. Criminy.

So, obviously I wasn't able to do much last night. I packed up a few boxes of odds and ends that I had left there from the Metropolitan refresh, and decided I might as well take the bonnet off and take it home since I had driven my Expedition down for just that reason. So, that was last night's accomplishment: drive 30 miles each way to bring back the bonnet and a bunch of leftover parts. Whee.

We get to today. This time I remembered to grab the old distributor with everything attached. I get down there, and go through the gymnastics of trying to get it test fitted in place: set the engine at TDC and make an educated guess as to where the rotor should be pointing. Note to self: initial ignition timing setting would be much easier with two people, one to turn the key and one to hold the timing light. After a few failed attempts to start her, rotating the distributor a little in either direction, I realize that it's popped out. Why? Because the 6mm bolt that holds it in the bracket has severely stripped threads in the center of the threaded area. Well, that explains why I can't get it to stay in one place. So, off to the local home improvement store to get a replacement bolt (found one, whew) and back to the clubhouse.

Now that I have a bolt that actually clamps things properly, I go back to the initial timing dance. After a few attempts (and of course attaching a battery charger because the battery has run down with all the failed attempts), I got to where she "tried to start". So, a few more tries and I got her to the point where she would stay running. FINALLY I can now hook up the timing light and see that I'm advanced about 50 degrees. A few more adjustments, and she seems to be OK at about 10 degrees. Good enough till I can take her out on the road for a proper test.


Now just to work over the bonnet and get it looking proper.