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 Posted: 02-20-2018 05:19 pm
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According to tracking, I should have my rebuilt distributor back today. So, tonight's the night to get it all back together. Really looking forward to a hopefully leak free distributor. Once it's in, I'm sure I'll have to button down the ignition timing again (I made sure nothing moved when I installed the new timing belt, but the chances of it being perfect are pretty much none I assume).

That'll complete my scheduled winter projects. While I was waiting for the distributor to come back, I refreshed the suspension on my Nash Metropolitan with all new urethane bushings, new shocks, and new tie rods, and cleaned up and painted all the associated stuff like control arms and coil springs.

Since I finished that up last weekend, and since my soft goal was to be done with all the car-related stuff by March 1 or thereabouts, I have a little extra time on my hands.

So, I think I am going to take one final shot at getting Ms. Jenavieve's bonnet perfect. I've painted the car twice over the past few years (the first time was kind of a learning experience) and while I'm happy with the paint on the rest of the car, the bonnet still isn't right... there's a little gouge right near the hood bulge that I managed to do while I was painting it last time, and the front edge is a little bumpy with some flaws showing through. I'm going to take it off, bring it home, and spend some quality time getting it properly sanded and leveled, and then give it one last shot with the gun. Why not, right?