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 Posted: 02-01-2018 08:39 am
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This JPEG is another view of the spray shield. It also shows the rear cover and lip seal with the centering tool installed. The tool centers the seal on the crank journal. Failure to center the seal (either the front or rear main seals), can result in immediate leaks. You don't need to use the special tool to center the seal, but it makes the task simple to do.

Note that the rear seal housing's bolt threads should also be sealed in order to prevent oil wicking out past the threads. Note that thread SEALANT is not the same as Threadlocker. There are liquid sealers, like Loctite Thread Sealant, or use Teflon tape.

Tim Engel

Attachment: Rear Main Installing Housing with Tool 84A - 98kb.jpg (Downloaded 53 times)

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