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 Posted: 02-01-2018 08:24 am
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Tim Murphy wrote:
Redracer,(or anyone else)do you have a picture or diagram of what you are describing. Or maybe you can explain it more for those of us who are less familiar with the engine internals. I am not even sure what the oil thrower is nor its fingers. (Snip)... The spray shield was only used with the lip seal type of rear main seal (ie, the Mk II). The attached JPEG illustrates it's position.

In later engines, Lotus deleted the spray shield from new engines. For existing engines, Lotus first put a note in the parts manual saying the shield could be deleted if so desired. Later they eliminated all mention of it.

Tim Engel

Attachment: Engine - Rear Main Spray Shield Position - 94kb.jpg (Downloaded 56 times)

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