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 Posted: 01-30-2018 06:02 pm
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The JH Workshop manual doesn't mention using any sealant or threadlocker on the flywheel bolts. And Jim is correct, oil can wick past un-sealed threads, and onto the friction surface/ clutch side of the flywheel.

The early Lotus manuals specify applying Loctite AV to the 'hole threads', then inserting the bolts. AV is a Mil-spec Threadlocker that is regional, and not available everywhere. It's unlikely that you'll find it in any retail hardware or auto parts stores, but your local Industrial Supply might have it. Ask for Loctite Item Number 087**. The last two digits (**) indicate the package size.

Later, Lotus manuals specify Permabond A134; however, Permabond products are not marketed in North America. Loctite alternatives are 275 and 277. All are high strength Threadlockers that may require heat for removal. That seems a little overkill to me, but that's what is specified.

Tim Engel

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