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 Posted: 01-30-2018 12:14 pm
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Hi all
Stu here from Melbourne OZ, with the Tangerine 4 speed #13556
Ok I haven't posted for a while, but I could sure use some help
Right, my tail of Woe:
Got a leak between 4speed and engine. Research said either rear main seal,or trans seal
Was also told if trans, only way to do seal on 4 speed is pull box out, so...
I bought new rear main seal, trans shaft seal and joining gasket and did the transmission mount while I was at it, so all done. Actually I didn't think the seals looked that bad, but it was starting to leak a lot of oil from this region clutch was ok when I broke it down
Ok, all goes back, run the car on hoist, get it hot and test all gears, it's all good, no leaks etc etc
Next day intake it for a longer run and my god, after all this it's leaking again, almost cried, what the hell? So I need to start again, any clues before I go bananas