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 Posted: 01-21-2018 07:14 pm
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An update for those interested-

I received the W58 conversion kit from LotusBits last week (5 months, but that's OK)

I previously purchased the shift extension housing from XCessive Engineering in Portland, OR. Now that I have the rest of the parts, I bolted up the transmission and bell housing (with spacer plate) to see where the Xcessive housing put me. As near as I can measure, the original 4-speed setup has the center of the shifter at 28 1/8 from the block, and the 5-speed is at 28 5/8 with xcessive housing. It looks like the 1/2" difference should not be an issue, but I am going to look at the possibility of having Xcessive shorten the housing at the same time that they lengthen my shifter bar.

I got the 28 1/8 4-speed measurement from measuring underneath the car, which is a little awkward. If anyone has accurate measurements that are different, I would appreciate the input. I measured the 4-speed bell housing to be 9 1/2", and I have a spare 4-speed tranny that I measured at 18 5/8" from front to center of shifter.

The rest of the project has been on hold - I thought it was all sorted out, so drove to the body shop to schedule, on the way home all of the gauges, signals and wiper died. Spent some hours trying to trace the issue, but appears to be a short somewhere. Had to step away to keep from picking up a sledgehammer (just kidding - sort of). Plan to replace the main harness which I had already purchased, but had wanted to do after paint and body.