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 Posted: 01-09-2018 04:33 pm
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The inner item is a seal, not an "O" ring. It is at the bottom of the interior (visible after removing the centrifugal plates, etc. ) where the shaft protrudes through the hole.
Now, many of the early distributors did NOT even have a seal as these same distributors were used in other vehicles that had the distributor mounted vertically so any "dripping" oil would go back down the shaft and not be a problem. I believe Tim Engel has covered this topic earlier. Please use the "SEARCH" tab at the top of the JHPS forum to help in the future:
The shaft spins on 2 steel bushings and the seals I use to replace them need to have the upper steel bushing pressed down slightly. It is imperative that the top of the seal be BELOW the bottom "shelf" of the inner distributor, or the rubbing from the large thin metal washer above it will cause it to be ruined.
here is Jim Ketcham's answer:
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You need an internal oil seal in your distributor. This has been covered in past posts here.
From previous post from Mark Rosenbaum:

Description: Shaft seal, 0.50" shaft, 0.75" bore, 0.125" height.

Material: Fuel- and Oil-resistant.

Used on: Lucas 23D, 25D distributors.

OEM P/Ns: Jensen: None. Lucas: Unknown.

Source: Chicago Rawhide CR4912 (exact replacement). [Verified fit.]

Source: Transcom TCM 13x19x3VG (nearest metric size).

Source: McMaster-Carr 9505K17 (different seal style). [Verified fit.]