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 Posted: 01-06-2018 03:47 pm
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Concerning the "seat belt interlock system": I have posted this before on this site somewhere, but here it is again:
btw, if you're car "cranked", i.e. turned over, the interlock system was NOT the problem. If that were the problem, you would not even get the starter to crank.
1)there are 12 numbered positions on the round(usually white) plastic plug near where your left knee would be(look closely with a flashlight as it might be difficult to see the numbers)
2)locate the last 2, #11 & #12(one is the white with red stripe ignition wire which runs to the relay nearby, which may also be a problem as the cars age). Cut/splice/whatever #11 & #12 together. This will bypass the interlock control.
3)If the "buzzing" sound from the interlock system is annoying, remove/cut(and end cap) #4, a purple wire which is always "HOT".

Let us know how Tim's "hot-wiring" works, as this should locate the problem