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 Posted: 12-20-2017 01:00 am
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I also have a J-H with Dellorto's that runs well. It needs a bit of a tune up as it's running a fraction rich but doesn't have the 'stutter' on progression.

My GT originally came with Strombergs but a previous owner put D's on it; it runs well and I've even (nearly) got the flooding/stutter sorted. I managed to pick up a set of Strombergs and an inlet manifold for not a lot of $$.

I like to play around with various setting etc to see what works. The thought was to use the J-H as a speedster and the GT as more of a cruiser. It will be interesting to compare the pair if/when I fit the Strombergs. If I don't like it the Dellortos will go back on.

The responses and advice from everyone is greatly appreciated, have a great Christmas and new year.