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 Posted: 12-15-2017 01:08 pm
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I have removed most of the vacuum lines and plugged them off leaving only the inlet manifold to the brake booster, plus I blank off the by-pass valve on the side of the carbs and adjust the temperature compensator so that it does not move and seals that chamber as well. Having done that and driven the car thousands of miles and done the same for a few other cars all I can say is it works for me

Hi Brett

I've acquired a set of Strombergs and am refurbishing them to fit on my GT. It currently has Dellortos on it and runs fine other than the stutter on flooring it but I think the Strombergs will make for smoother running.

Anyway, a lot of the pipework on the Strombergs is missing so I am working through what goes where. The shop manual is no help; and I see from your post above a lot of the vacuum lines aren't really necessary anyway.

I think I've got a good idea of what goes where but it would be good to confirm. Do you have a picture handy that shows which ones you've capped?

Did you also ditch the carbon canister? It wasn't fitted to RHD cars as far as I can tell.