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 Posted: 12-13-2017 04:04 pm
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I recently rebuilt 13046 with a stroker crank conversion and 104 & 107 cams with 45 Delorottos and 10.5:1 pistons and ported polished rebuilt head . I measured the compression after the rebuild and have approx 1000 miles on the rebuilt engine and got following results.

#1 - 180 psi
#2 - 180 psi
#3 - 180 psi
#4 - 175 psi.

These readings were taken a cooled down engine with the all plugs removed, fuel pump shut off and the throttle open. Do I also need to compare readings to a warmed up engine?

I saw the specs from JH and Lotus for the stock 907 engine but figured since this was a stroker crank upgrade, these stock numbers were not applicable. What should my readings be?

Your comments are appreciated.