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 Posted: 12-09-2017 03:28 pm
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Hi All,
I know I have read many posts about the famous rope seal leaking. I have 500 miles on my rebuild and now have a pretty good leak at the rear of the engine. I took the bell housing cover off and sure enough there it is. So now gathering info on what to do next. Talked to Delta and he said that this leak was so common that lotus changed the block the next year for lip seal. He said if I fix it there is an 20% - 25% chance that it will leak again. I am pretty good at building engines so I am not worried about pulling it out as such but don't have the "old knowledge about installing the rope seal" or if there is a better way. The only problem with using a different block is that I have done extensive machine work to this and not sure if I could transfer pistons, crank, etc without more machine work. So any ideas?