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 Posted: 11-26-2017 05:26 pm
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Thank you for the heads up on this point. I concur with your assessment. I have a strainer on my fuel pick up tube that is in the tank. So only small particles of rust and crap can get to the pump which it should be able to process. As I drive this car daily to work the OEM tank is keeping rust free even though it was an orange mess when I first got this car over four years ago. As you know the diaphragm pump is good for pulling a decent head pressure which is easily far more than the height of the SU sitting on the fender to the tanks bottom. I had one of those glass filters which ended up leaking and pulling air as the O-rings relaxed and couldn't figure out why the car was leaning out all the time until I observed the ruddy bubbles. Until the Hardi and now the SU I had a lot of trouble with other pump styles like gear-rotors being able to pull the fuel when it was below the pumps height i.e. below half full. The car ran notably different as my commute was 29 miles along Santiago Canyon here in Orange County, CA so it was an excellent test bed drive each day. Filtering the input side is going to hurt the pumps efficiency but I fully concur with the idea for a car that is rarely driven in keeping the crap out of the pump. Just be prepared to have additional G12 Fram filters on hand!..

As for now this brand new SU is killing it and the car has never run this well. Setting the timing to 14 degrees has also helped with removing an off idle stumble which may have been part of the Hardi going south and not feeding the DCOE Weber's correctly. It is so much better that I'm reconsidering replacing my 17 lb steel flywheel with my 12 lb aluminum one!