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 Posted: 11-26-2017 04:47 pm
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When the motor mounts failed the fire wall got fatigued and cracked badly. So I made up this reinforcement from some 1/8 inch thick steel plate. I used J & B weld to fix it to the ground and cleaned fire wall surface. Added a spacer to get the damper bracket alignment perfectly straight with the motor bracket. I replaced the damper with an MTB shock (CHASER brand <$50 on eBay, has adjustable rebound needle). I merely just removed the 750 lb/in spring and bolted it in. The bushing width is perfect but the aluminum Allen screws were replaced with steel nuts and bolts that are either M8 or 5/16.

07 Dec 2017, I have been experimenting and put the OEM shock back on for a few days with the big motor mounts. When the temperature is just right I get all kinds clutch chatter on engagement with the "shot" OEM damper. This morning drove the car again with the Chaser MTB shock absorber with the rebound damping set to full hard and the clutch chatter is gone!

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