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 Posted: 11-26-2017 04:35 pm
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Replaced motor mounts with Land Rover D-90/Discovery 1 units. Twice the diameter of the OEM and about the same thickness. The aluminum hole saw cutouts are washers to raise the header off the steering column. I use the same number on both sides to keep the engine level and the Webber's float bowls from spilling more then is already going on when hard cornering. This stack height seem to be nicely straight when the elastomeric stack of the mount is observed. The exhaust side mount is slightly more vertical on the header side of the motor and takes more of a compressive load under acceleration. But the intake side is more horizontal and the shock absorber on the fire wall is undergoing extension with the rebound dampening applied to resist the movement. It all gets rather nasty when these mounts become separated were the vulcanized rubber is peeled away from the steel disk/s. Had to drive to El Segundo for two days of work related training the week after the SOLO event only to realize that my cube shifter on the w58 was jammed against the tranny tunnel passenger side opening and getting the gear box into 5 gear was almost impossible. That's when the aha moment was realize as to what had happened! This made for an interesting drive home.

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