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 Posted: 11-18-2017 03:08 pm
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Hi Everyone, as much as I had my Brake lights working, they somehow stopped working again. As mentioned in my earlier reply's I did find a bad ground. Now I seem to be chasing something different. There are two things and I'm not sure how they are related but looking at the wiring schematic, seem to be. First is, my Brake lights went inop again. What's interesting is IF I remove the single wire from the Brake switch and pass 12V through it and step on the pedal The Brake lights work. This would imply grounds are OK, etc. What's odd is that my 'FASTEN SEAT BELT' light is also out and these are tied in the same circuit. I'm curious if anyone has seen this and 'could' the seat belt relay/buzzer be the problem? I appreciate any thoughts.