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 Posted: 10-13-2017 04:45 pm
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Tim, I have been busy on other projects that take priority over my "winter project" so little progress.

I purchased a cheap Blow Down gauge and discovered that advancing the crank beyond TDC the leakage decreased to 15-20%.  This tells me the cams are retarded and the valves undamaged.  The car came with an extra set of well used cams and towers.  I plan to take one of the pulleys off and hold it up to the engine cam pulleys to visually determine how much they are retarded.  3 teeth retarded seems to be in the ballpark as I remember.

With the crank at TDC I will remove the belt, reverse both pulleys and manually set the cams where the blow down just ceases and check the mark alignment.  If they are now within a tooth or two I plan to match the marks and put the old belt back on and check the compression.  I figure advancing the cams 3 teeth while at TDC will do no damage.

If all seems well I will put the new Gates 104 belt on and proceed with other checks.  Don't want to damage a $116 belt, don't you know!

I really appreciate the replies from you and the other gentleman.  It really helped keeping me on the right track.