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 Posted: 09-28-2017 10:37 pm
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Steve Duncan wrote:
Thanks for the information. Just so I'm clear,there are no "yellow metals" in the differential? All the shims are steel?The Jensen-Healey rear axles have no brass/ bronze parts, and a GL-5 gearoil is to be used.

The J-H 4 & 5 speed transmissions do contain brass synchro rings, and they should not use GL-5.

20W50 motor oil in the 4-spd (high ZDDP is a plus)
90W GL-4 gear oil in the 5-spd. Redline MT-90 is good.

Not directly applicable, but...
Yellow metal corrosion due to sulfur-based EP additives is not instant death, or even over-night. No more than wear due to a lack of EP or anti-wear additives is immediate. The long term life expectancy will be greater if the correct gear oil is used, but failure won't happen right away without it.

Sometimes certain synchro transmission applications are given GL-5/ EP gear oil recommendations because of the high loads being imposed on them. Any damage due to corrosion will take place at a much slower rate then any damage due to a lack of EP protection, so the lesser of two evils is chosen.

Don't get too paranoid about "NEVER" =8<O putting GL-5 gearoil in a synchro transmission. Follow the manufacturer's recommendation. I have several sporty cars that require a GL-5 in the synchro transmission... but no J-H does.

Tim Engel

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