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 Posted: 09-07-2017 06:48 pm
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My experience with toothed cam belts on a Porsche 944 Turbo is that you need to replace the pulleys each time you install a new cam belt (they also recommend you replace the water pump on the Porsche at the same time, as it is pain in the butt just to get to the timing belt and the water pump is behind the belt). Over time the cam belt wears a light groove in the pulley and the wear might not be even across the pulley as the cords used in the belt stretch slightly different from one another and this develops a set wear pattern in the pulleys. When you install a new belt on used pulleys, the belt will hunt across the pulley, as it is slightly uneven from wear of the old belt. This will eventually lead to premature wear on the new belt. Check your pulleys and you will probably find that there is a groove worn in the pulleys where the old belt ran. If the teeth on the blue Kevlar belt are harder than the original rubber belt; it may hunt more, as it does not set well in the worn pulleys. Some Jensen owners feel this is a waste of money to replace the pulleys, but if you want maximum life and reliability from the new belt, replace all the pulleys when you replace the belt and chock it up to cost of car ownership.

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