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 Posted: 08-30-2017 04:12 am
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Dick Fickey wrote:
Thanks for the help Tim. Will follow your instructions when I bleed the brakes. Just got the rebuilt PDWA but I have to first repaint the area that the leak ruined.Consider repainting that area with POR-15. It doesn't have the color selection of regular paints, but it's more durable than most paints. I can't swear to it's resistance to brake fluid (which eats most paints), but it is highly resistant to most chemicals.

Test-paint some scrap piece of steel, let it cure fully, then pour some DOT 3 or 4 brake fluid on it. That should give you a good idea of how well it will work. Let us know.

POR-15 is a cyanoacrylate, so the same basic recipe as super glue... just specialized for the task, with pigment added.

Like super glue, POR-15 is difficult to remove when you want to. Don't spill it on anything you care about, or get it on your skin (wear gloves, long sleeves and eye protection), or you may have a colorful 'scar' for quite some time. Unless you find that DOT 3 or 4 eats it.

POR-15 is also effective for gluing your jeans to your leg. 'Apply' to the outside, it soaks through, and presto.

Tim Engel

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