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 Posted: 08-29-2017 10:10 pm
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Dealing with a North American Safety device, the Pressure Differential Warning Actuator. Just finished the car and the brake fail light stays on and brake fluid is leaking out of the switch. The PDWA is one of the few parts I did not rebuild. Assumed that in bleeding the brakes that it moved the piston to one side or the other and grounded the light through the switch. However when I disconnect the wire on the switch the light stays on so in trying to follow the wiring diagram it would have to be the handbrake warning light switch. Is this assumption correct? Other question is why are there two wires from the PDWA switch to a common junction on my other JH and on this car only one wire in the harness? The connector for the switch is not in good shape. Does anyone have a good one off an old harness?

I removed the PDWA and was going to order a rebuild kit. On inspection it looked like there was corrosion in the bore so decided to order a rebuilt one from Delta Motorsports. Should have it today but need three days to repaint the area the fluid leak bubbled the new engine compartment paint.

When I get the new PDWA installed what is the best procedure to bleed the brakes to prevent moving the piston. I will feel a lot safer with this working going 70 mph when my brake pedal goes to the floor and the little light tells me that my breaks have failed. They could have used a buzzer then I would not have to look down.