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 Posted: 08-23-2017 04:13 am
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Thanks Tim and Bruce-

I am hoping my issue is just a defective voltage stabilizer, and I have no overheating issue to fix, so no reason to improve the pump. I'm still struggling to determine this though. I have a reliable 12V power supply that I use to power a 12VDC pump, and a Fluke 77 multimeter I can trust. I have been testing the voltage stabilizers by attaching the positive lead of the power supply to the hopefully correct lead of the stabilizer and clip the negative lead to the stabilizer housing. Then attach the positive lead of the Fluke to the stabilizer output and hold the other to the stabilizer housing. With the original stabilizer I get erratic readings - bounces around overload, 12, 10, 0 and won't stabilize. I sanded the housing for the ground contact, and cleaned the contacts with spray electrical contact cleaner and q-tipped, with no change. The second stabilizer from EBay gave me 12VDC in and 12VDC out. I just receive one from Delta (complete with diagram showing which leads were 12V in and which 10V out). When I checked as described above, I get a very consistent output of 0.34. I'm either doing something wrong or I'm extremely unlucky. Someday I'll document this entire restoration and you'll suspect the latter. Started with the transporter dropping the car off the trailer, and has gotten worse since then.

BTW - the documentation that came with the stabilizer from Delta says the water temp and fuel gauges are set for 10V, not 9V. Not saying that is right or wrong - that's just what came with the instructions.

In case a better pump turns out to be necessary however, are the impellers and seals available? From where?

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