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 Posted: 08-23-2017 12:42 am
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The JPEG compares the later Lotus 907 impeller with backward curved vanes (on the right), with the 910 impeller with the full-length, backward curved vanes. The dimension given for the short, right impeller applies to the Lotus impeller, and I can't say with certainty the JH impeller is also that height. The point is to take the old impeller from the pump and the new 910 impeller to a machine shop and have them shorten the tall 910 to match whatever the original impeller. Be sure they put a small chamfer in the upper end of the bore to make it easier to press the bearing shaft into the impeller.

Tim Engel

Attachment: Cooling - Water Pump - Impeller - 907 left & 910 right - side, Notes.jpg (Downloaded 56 times)