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 Posted: 08-22-2017 03:35 pm
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DonBurns wrote:
Thanks. Are 910 water pumps something that are available without a rebuildable 910 core?Sorry about being so slow getting back to you.

It really helps to have a core. No new 9XX pumps have been manufactured in a long time, so it's just a matter of rebuilding available cores. The problem is that 'nobody' bothers to return their cores for a refund. It's like no one understands just how shallow that pond really is. Even if you find a rebuilt pump available for which the seller doesn't require a core (try Lotusbits in the UK), it would be great for everyone if you kept your 907 core in in the loop. It won't help the 910 supply, but it will help 9XX pump supply overall.

But I'm not recommending that you install a 910 pump. It has additional hose spigots the JH doesn't use, and it points some of it's hoses in different directions. It bolts directly to the block, but some of the external plumbing would require creativity. That's possible, I've done it, but it's less of a hassle to simply install the 910 impeller in the stock pump housing. IMHO.

True, the tall 910 impeller needs to be machined down to 907 height (just shorten the nose), but the rest of the rebuild procedure is the same.

Tim Engel